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The Lancet report’s new claim refutes many misconceptions that corona atoms are airborne

The SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes Kovid-19 is not airborne. That is what has been known for so long. But a report denying the claim was published in the international journal The Lancet. These atoms travel through the air. Scientists have already found some evidence. Many people think that if this claim proves to be true, there could be a big change in Kovid security laws.

The study involved eight researchers from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. Trisha Greenhall, an Oxford University researcher and team leader, said there were at least 10 reasons behind their claim. After testing Kovid infections in different environments, they concluded that air alone is sufficient to spread the corona virus. They did not find enough evidence to spread the corona virus through droplets or droplets.

Studies have shown that Kovid infection occurs in some environments where floating water droplets are less likely to spread. The virus can only be transmitted through ventilation. A large section of the health workers in the hospital follow proper hygiene rules but with adequate care they are affected by corona. The researchers claim that this would not have happened if the virus had only been transmitted through water droplets. They think there is an infection in all these cases because it is airborne.

The party also argued why it was too late to come to this decision. That being said, it is difficult and time consuming to test whether the atoms are airborne. Lots of samples need to be tested. Scientists did not have enough samples for so many days. In addition, if there is a small error, the presence of atoms can be detected. So it is too late to come to a definite decision in this matter.

If this claim proves to be true, how much change can be made in Kovid’s defense? According to some health experts, this will change the way you wear the mask. For many days, everyone usually wore a mask outside the house. But if the germs are completely airborne, they think they will have to stay behind the mask for 24 hours. Not just at work, but also when you go to bed.



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