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Kovid-19 slave is like the fallen Ganga! As if all the sins of the Central Government had been washed away. The answer to the question of the health of the economy is that India has reached a state before Kovid. When looking for a job situation, the same answer is found. In short, all the problems in the economy are due to Kovid – at the behest of the authorities, India overcame those problems and touched the gold line before Kovid again. The present central government is like Yudhisthira in the oath of office and there is no fan base in the world to claim it. However, the government’s talk of reaching the level before Kovid to ensure the health of the economy is also a big blow in the face. This does not mean that the economy has not yet returned to where it was before – of course, many steps have been taken to return to where it was before. This is wrong, because the state before Kovid was not a kingdom of heaven. Even if slavery did not come, the Indian economy would have collapsed – the central government had maintained that system. No matter what the situation, there is no way to hide it – despite the government’s dictatorship with statistics, the picture read clearly shows the picture of small and large wounds in the economy. Since then, why have finance ministers or their financial advisers always been content to return to the level before Kovid? The villains will say, they took it and it doesn’t take a little hard work to fool people.

Kaushik Basu, an economist, described the economic situation in India before terrorism as a statistic in a gossip: the growth rate in every five financial years before the outbreak was lower than in the previous financial year. No such situation has been created since the independence of the country. That is, he got angry and the superhero came and gave him a heavy blow on the shoulder. Before March 2020, the dangers of a recession were real in India. For example, the unemployment rate is the highest in half a century; Less actual consumption in rural areas; Severe lack of demand in the market and elsewhere. None of this happened because of hyperactivity, because over time these events preceded hyperactivity. The Finance Minister assures that India is on the verge of disaster again. There are no signs of a good day on the horizon.

It is important to remind yourself once again of the reasons why this happened before the outbreak. India is drowning as a result of the Modi government’s indifference. Both the note cancellation and the unplanned GST devastated the unorganized sector – and as a result the organized sector suffered in the form of declining demand. It is safe to say that the government did not allow the losses to be compensated. However, it is difficult to get confidence from the government that the situation will improve, though not exaggerated. The government’s announcement of Kovid’s financial package is in fact a bunch of lies. Even in this budget, the tool made by the finance minister to spend money on capital is fundamentally meaningless. It is undeniable that the cycle of the economy does not turn on false promises.



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