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Indians stranded in Ukraine .. Plan to send ministers for rescue – Will success be “Operation” Ganga?

Today marks the fifth day of Russia’s war against Ukraine. This has caused panic in the world. All Indians have expressed regret, especially for the students trapped there. They are unanimously asking the Indian government to reclaim them somehow. The federal government is trying in various ways to save Indian students in the name of Operation Ganga. In the first phase, 219 Indians, including 5 Tamils, were brought to India yesterday. They were welcomed by Minister Pius Goel.

The government has launched a mission called Operation Ganga to evacuate civilians from Ukraine

Yesterday, 250 students on the second flight and 240 students on the third flight returned home. The Indian government carried more students on 2 planes. In this situation, the Ukrainian army is reportedly attacking Indian students who tried to cross the border. The video went viral on the internet. There have been calls for the immediate release of Indian students and for Prime Minister Modi to talk to the President of Ukraine.

Following this, Prime Minister Modi has been engaged in a series of urgent consultations. During yesterday’s meeting, the Prime Minister directed the Foreign Office officials to take immediate action to save the students. In this situation, he was engaged in an urgent consultation this morning as well. During the meeting, Ministers Hardeep Puri, Jyotiraditya Cynthia, Kiran Rijiju and VK Singh were said to have decided to send Indians abroad for rescue operations in Ukraine.

Indians stranded in Ukraine are being rescued via Romania and Hungary. Indian students should not leave their homes as the war is currently raging. Do not walk in public. Go in groups wherever you go. The Ukrainian government has promised free train services to Indians. So everyone should be safe. He will recover soon, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said.



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