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Sister Kaveri drowns in river, rescues baby, kills newcomer

The sister, who drowned in the Cauvery River near Namakkal, drowned the newcomer who saved her baby.

Jyothi is located in the Erakaduthottam area near Jaderpalayam in Namakkal district. Son Deepak Kumar (30). Worked as a contract employee in a reputed Tamil Nadu Paper Mill Company. He married Magima, 25, last month. Deepak Kumar, his wife and family went to the Cauvery River yesterday to pay their last respects to Adiperu. After that, the family went down to the river and bathed.

Then Deepak Kumar’s sister Parani and 3-year-old daughter Vaishnavi were suddenly trapped. Seeing this, Deepak Kumar rushed and rescued the two from the depths. But unexpectedly he drowned in the river. Those who were nearby saw this and immediately informed the Tiruchengode fire station. Firefighters rushed to the scene and went down to the river to search.

Deepak Kumar was found dead after an hour-long search. The Jaderpalayam police recovered the body and sent it to Paramathi Vellore Government Hospital for postmortem. In addition, the incident is being prosecuted. The incident of drowning in the Puthumappilla river within a month of the marriage caused grief among the people of the area.



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