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Quarantine reduces days; Travel to Thailand is no longer so easy volume_up content_copy share star_border

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Bangkok: The Thai government is reportedly preparing to reduce the mandatory quarantine for all travelers to attract more tourists. Director General of the Disease Control Department in Thailand, Opus Can Coving Pong, has been instructed to reduce the length of the quarantine for travelers from countries where the Kovid threat is low or from countries close to Thailand. Has been informed.

Under current law, all passengers must be subject to the mandatory quarantine at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) booked prior to their flight. Opuscon also argued that studies have found that infections often appear within ten days. He added that staying in the quarantine for 10 days and 14 days is the same. At the same time, none of the safety standards should be compromised once self-monitoring is complete. Passengers should wear a mask, wash their hands frequently and keep a distance.

The Health Minister also said that Thailand has now been able to seize COVID-19, making it possible for the country to reopen for tourists while ensuring the safety of the people. Currently, those wishing to visit Thailand can apply for a 60-day tourist visa and a 90-day special tourist visa.

The government had earlier announced that foreign travelers to Thailand would no longer have to wear a digital wristband in the context of Kovidi. The new decision is to allow the authorities to know the health information of each traveler in real time. It is important to know the temperature. Also, help find ways.

Cavid Negative Certificate and Health Insurance are mandatory for travelers coming to Thailand on a regular basis. Apart from this, the government is also mandating smart bands.



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