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No supply, the city has a shortage of 20,000 antidotes a day

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The Municipality of Kolkata has the infrastructure to dispense 50,000 antidotes per day. According to the information of the municipality, 30 thousand rupees is given daily. In other words, with a shortage of 20,000 antidotes per day, the municipality is forced to step down in preparation for the third wave. City officials say the shortage is caused by inadequate antidote from the center. For this reason, the fear that large sums of money will be squeezed again is growing everywhere.

The Center has announced that the expectation that everyone over the age of 18 from June 21 will receive corona antidote has already been dashed. This is the situation now, and from today, Monday, it is doubtful whether even those over the age of forty-five can get the right antidote. A doctor in the municipality said Sunday, “Until midnight, the 45 – year – old received his second dose on Monday, but could not say what would happen on Tuesday.”

On the other hand, everyone wants to get the antidote before Kovid’s upcoming third wave. But most people between the ages of 18-45 still do not get it. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently announced that mothers of children should be vaccinated soon to protect their children from the third wave. In the words of one doctor, “In that case, most mothers of children are over 18 years of age. But if there is not enough antidote, that work will be interrupted. ”

The study found that in many families parents received the first dose of the vaccine but did not take their children. As a result, the whole family is not safe. In the words of a doctor in Kolkata Municipality, “I myself am safe with antidote. But the children did not receive antidote. As a result, when I enter the house from the outside, I put the child at risk. If not everyone in a family gets the antidote, there is still a risk. ”

There are currently more than 200 antidote centers in the Kolkata area. The second dose is given in the first half (10am to 1pm) at various health centers in the municipality, while the first half is given to the same age group in the second half (2pm to 4pm). In addition to the mega centers in each borough, it also provides antidotes in the market to members of the Super Spreader Group. The families of members of the super-spreader group have been vaccinated for more than 18 years, but this is not enough, according to the municipality’s health department. In addition, according to the center’s earlier announcement, people from all walks of life will be flocking to the city center every day from June 21. However, the second dose is in high demand. This rush of people to take the dose within the allotted time.

City Administration Chairman Firhad Hakeem said, “The Kolkata Municipality has the infrastructure to provide 50,000 anti-depressants a day. But is going to pay about thirty thousand. In other words, there is a shortage of 20,000 antidotes every day in Kolkata. Many take antidotes from the suburbs. I can’t stop it either. All our infrastructure is ready. But there is a problem because there is not enough antidote from the center. ”



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