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New Kovid cases drop to less than 200 in Saudi Arabia

Death: 14, new cases: 190, cure: 324, total death: 5954, total cases: 358526, total cure: 348562, treatment: 4010, severity: 603

translate : Malayalam

Riyadh: After a long hiatus in Saudi Arabia, the daily number of new Kovid cases has dropped to less than 200. On Saturday, Kovid confirmed only 190 new cases. Fourteen deaths were reported across the country. 324 were freed by Kovid. The total number of Kovid cases was 358526.

The total number of patients rose to 348562. The total death toll is 5,954. The number of sick survivors in the country has dropped to 4,010. Of these, only 603 are in critical condition. They are in the intensive care unit. The country’s Kovid liberation rate rose to 97.2 percent. The mortality rate remains at 1.7 percent.

New Kovid cases reported in different areas in the last 24 hours: Riyadh 64, Makkah 36, Madinah 31, Eastern Province 18, Qasim 9, Azir 8, Najran 7, Tabuk 5, Hail 5, Al Jawf 3, Jeezan 2, Northern Border Region 1, Albaha 1.



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