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Men with corona infection released more shocking report !!

Corona virus According to the latest statistics, corona infections are more common in men than women. But this has been scientifically proven. The male sex hormone testosterone has a huge impact on the immune system. It also shows that men are more prone to the corona virus, which weakens the immune system.


Estrogen, a major hormone of a woman, boosts the immune system and boosts the immune system. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, does the opposite. As a result, women are less likely than men to develop infections. Men with high levels of testosterone are vulnerable. Vaccination has been shown to be of little benefit. Therefore, viruses and bacterial infections are more likely to affect men as a result of testosterone. Yet no one has yet provided a formal and formal framework.

Many studies focus on immune function or individual immune cell types. But the immune system is made up of different cells, organs, and tissues. These provide a comprehensive response to infections. It can be divided into two categories. One of them is internal immunity and adaptive immunity.

Internal immunity is the first condition of the body. Once our body detects the infiltration of the outside world, it begins to attack the major molecules that cause inflammation, interferon and cytokines. These B cells also produce antibodies and act rapidly. Proteins are also important in finding a vaccine.

The adaptive response is carried out by D&P lymphocytes. It manifests itself against specific pathogens. It may take a few days for this immunity to manifest. Importantly, when these cells begin to attack certain pathogens, they attack them whenever they occur in our body.

Age is a major risk factor for coronavirus in both sexes. Testosterone levels decrease with age in men, and lower testosterone levels in the elderly increase the severity of the infection. For example, men with chronic kidney disease are less likely to go to the hospital with an infection if they have low testosterone. Testosterone has the ability to alter the immune system. This suggests that testosterone is one of the leading causes of coronary heart disease in men.



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