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Kovacin: Brazil buys 4 million Kovacin vaccines made in India, imports Russian vaccines

Brazil to buy 4 million Kovacins manufactured by India Biotech The country allowed the import of this vaccine subject to certain conditions. Earlier, the Latin American country once opposed the purchase of Kovacin. It is said that India Biotech does not meet certain manufacturing standards (good manufacturing practice or GMP) and therefore the vaccine cannot be imported. Brazil is currently going to buy 4 million Kovacins because the vaccine was developed to meet this condition. In addition, the Russian vaccine Sputnik buys V-O. Initially, after receiving these vaccines, they will be applied. According to its results, Brazil will order the next vaccine import.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health said in a statement that the Brazilian Ministry of Health could import Kovacin manufactured from India Biotech for controlled use. Initially, 40 lakh vaccines will be imported. All these tickers should be used in a controlled manner. The decision was taken at a special committee meeting of the government on Friday.

On February 28, India Biotech signed an agreement with the Brazilian government. 20 million vaccines will be distributed in the second and third half of this year. After that there was a problem with the company’s GMP. Overcoming this problem, India applied for re-export of biotech vaccine. Permission was then obtained from Brazil. Brazil allows the use of Kovacin on an emergency basis.



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