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Health: Sodium-Potassium Sound Like Mukul Roy? How to pay attention

During the election, Mukul Roy was speaking differently from time to time. However, his son explained, “Dad has a sodium-potassium problem, so this is a bit of a mismatch.” How right that is is debatable. But if the sodium-potassium levels in the body are disturbed, it can really happen.

He sleeps well at night, but when he wakes up in the morning he is tired. Occasionally there is swelling of the body. Forgetting the little things from time to time, these are all signs of low sodium-potassium levels. Because of these two essential electrolytes in the human body, our cells can function normally. As its levels decrease, so do brain cells. So there is a problem of forgetting small things. Older people often suffer from sodium-potassium deficiency. A healthy adult should have 3.5-5.1 mg / dL of potassium and 135-145 mg / dL of sodium.

Why is sodium-potassium depleted?
When salt is expelled from the body due to excessive sweating, the level of sodium-potassium may decrease. Also, if the elderly have problems with hypertension, they are forced to eat less salt. Medications to control blood pressure can cause sodium-potassium deficiency in the body. In addition, meningitis, brain tumors, kidney problems, and sodium-potassium differences can be seen.

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What happens if sodium-potassium levels are low?

When the sodium-potassium level drops below its normal level, it suddenly feels very weak. This can cause swelling of the hands and feet. However, many times memory problems can occur. Although rare in that sense, it carries the risk of encephalitis. People with sodium levels below 110 mg / dL go into a coma.

What to do?

If you are in a tropical area, add cooked food and other ingredients and eat 3-4 grams of salt daily. If you experience high blood pressure, it is different. In that case, follow your doctor’s advice and check your sodium-potassium intake at regular intervals.



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