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Dead corona patients – room nurses – work for money

Police have arrested a nurse and her assistant who stole several drugs from patients who died of coronavirus infection.

Remdesivir injections

Lalitesh Saihan, a 24-year-old nurse at Moolchand Hospital in Delhi, cares for many Korana patients there. He was accompanied by his friend Subham Patnaik, Vishal Kashyap and Vipul Verma, who have completed their nursing assistant studies.

In this case, they all went to the dying room of the corona patients in the hospital and stole the medicine there and sold it at a good price .Some complained to the hospital management about this .Then the hospital management secretly monitored their guilt. So they informed the police .The police registered a case and arrested all of them .Then several remedies medicine bottles were confiscated from them.



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