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Coming up, Hurricane Burvey similar to Oki

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New pressure formed along the Andaman Sea in the southeastern Bay of Bengal In the next 48 hours, the low pressure becomes stronger and the pressure becomes intense.

Southwest of the low pressure westward west of December. The entrance to the Miznat coast is at a premium. How severe is the new low pressure only after entering the Tamil Nadu coast? Weather Observers Ri Yi Chu.

Idukki District, Pathanamthitta on December 1 as part of the previous Karuli. Orange Alley in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts in December and December Has been declared. All the Kottayam and Kottayam districts are on alert. Low Pressure Extreme Low Pressure In Arabic South Extreme levels of rainfall are expected in Kerala and Central Kerala.

Hurricane Burwi has a similar path to Hurricane Oki in 2017. Formed three years ago on November 29, the Oki crossed the Indian subcontinent and entered the Arabian Sea. It reached the coast of Gujarat on December 6 and became defunct. Oki traveled 2,538 km and claimed 245 lives. 550 people are missing.



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