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Cemeteries are overcrowded, cemeteries are shrinking, and there are growing concerns in Delhi about whether bodies will be buried.

The number of daily deaths in various states has risen in the last few weeks since the second wave of Kovid. Because of this increase in deaths, the cemetery has a long line for burials. The condition of the cemetery in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, appeared in the net on Wednesday. The situation is similar in Delhi. Even there, as a result of the daily increase in deaths, the line at the cemetery and cemetery is very large. Moreover, as the number of dead increases, uncertainty about the exact completion of the funeral is created.

Nigambod Ghat is the largest cemetery in Delhi. There has been a long line for funerals for the past few days. Gautam (26) reached Nigambod Ghat to bury his dead grandfather in Kovid. The grandfather died Tuesday night. His grandfather’s body was brought for burial at 8.30 am on Wednesday. But he said there was no chance of a funeral even after 6 hours. Gautam told the media that I arrived here at 7.30 am. Six hours have passed. We haven’t had a chance yet. The situation is very bad. I see 2-3 bodies coming in the ambulance.

The situation is similar in the cemetery. The caretaker of a cemetery in Delhi fears that the cemetery will be destroyed in a few days if the body of the Kovid patient reaches this level. Muhammad Shamim said, “Before, the body used to come 1-2 times a day. Now the body comes 16-17 times a day. The situation has worsened in the last 5 days. There are more than 90 places to bury.

Not just the body graveyard. Even in the morgue there is no place to keep the body in various state hospitals. The video of the government hospital in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has gone viral. There he saw how the body had been left on the ground in public. Due to the increase in infections, infected people are rushing to get hospital beds. Jayaprakash Narayanan from Delhi. The Delhi man said that his brother was recently attacked in Kovid. He claimed that he had to be severely tortured to be admitted to the hospital. About 75 per cent of the ventilator-equipped ICU beds were entered in Delhi by 6 pm on Wednesday. Governments in various states are trying to open temporary Kovid service centers and arrange medical treatment for active patients. But officials are concerned about how effective the spread of the infection could be.

On Wednesday, 13,046 people were newly infected in Kovid in Delhi. This is still the highest rate in the capital in terms of ODI attacks. Sixty people died there on Wednesday. As of Wednesday, 1,026 people had died a day in Kovida. More than one lakh 64 thousand people were affected by the disease.



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