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You can’t shrug your shoulders in defense of Kovid – Court to Delhi government

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New Delhi: The Delhi government has been told by a court that it cannot be shrugged off to speed up the Kovid defense. The Delhi High Court on Thursday slammed the government for delaying in handling the rising number of Kovid cases in the state.

The court also expressed outrage at why you are waiting for a court order to take action to stop the spread of Kovid. The Delhi government is not taking the necessary precautions in Kovid control. The court also asked why the government did not consider limiting the number of people attending weddings and other functions until things went awry.

18 days Why did you do nothing. How many people died of Kovid infection during this time? You allowed the entire transportation system. Why haven’t you woken up since November 1, when the situation worsened, and we can always shrug our shoulders and wake you up? A bench of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramaniam Prasad asked. volume_up content_copy share star_border

This is not to say that the government is responsible for everything. People are also responsible. If they do not obey, they must find a way to obey. They spread the disease to others. The court was reminded that there should be a strong law against not wearing a mask and that the collection of fines is not for revenue.



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