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White sugar that is quickly drawn to the emerald border – unpolished

The paradox of white sugar is that technology created it in the name of ‘growth’. As with the list of prohibited smoking and alcohol, sugar. But this is where rice and wheat come next in food politics. This type of sugar plays a major role in making Indians top of the list of diabetics in the world and in the development of osteoporosis and many cancers in most women.

The tragedy of white sugar! Better -80 # Daily Health Dose
The charismatic psychology that white has imposed on us over the last 200 years is the capital of businesses from rice and salt to white sugar.

In the modern method of extracting sugar from sugarcane, bone meal from livestock, phosphoric acid, and white dye, which removes “rust” from iron, are widely used. Also, every morning you put that spoon in coffee and I want you to remember that sugar always comes into our house after a long chemical bath as a chemical to prevent it from forming particles, a chemical that stays in the water and a chemical that will not be damaged for years.

Result: Second in world sugar production; Our motherland is number one in sugar consumption !! Scientists have begun to report that the growth of this business, which has grown over the past three and a half centuries, is directly related to the growing obesity, diabetes, heart and cancer patients among us.

“White sugar is a poison!” Needless to say, Robert Lustik, a pioneer physician at one of the world’s leading endocrine glands. “We, who are low in fat, need to know that sugar from water is a major cause of most diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease,” he said. In addition, a specific part of the brain tells us that “enough food is enough”. But when you eat foods that contain white sugar (colofen / fast food), it is high in fructose, which interferes with the functioning of a particular part of the brain. So we do not get the ‘enough is enough’ declaration from the brain. That’s why modern fast food centers serve cola drinks with meals, ”he says. Business for them! We’ll be sick! Which agreement is correct?

“Why, Doctor, a teaspoon for coffee in the morning and a teaspoon for tea in the evening!” Is that all? “Not without hearing your mind’s voice. Not only coffee and tea, but 10 cocoon sugar, a cake, jam buns, puffs, biscuits and 3 teaspoons of sugar in a cola drink can be easily absorbed. Unnecessary sugar; One thing to know is that it takes 20 minutes of ‘fast’ walking to burn a teaspoon of extra sugar.

No more worrying about one in four diabetics … Nature gave them the sugar column! If you’re one of the remaining three or have a child growing up in your home, it’s time to dive into white sugar and switch to our traditional desserts!

It is the moral duty of every parent to protect their growing children from addictive chocolates and turn them into traditional healthy sweets.

White sugar is a perfect example of not believing in anything shiny.



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