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We will not force WhatsApp users to give in to the fierce opposition of the federal government!

WhatsApp’s new privacy policies on digital platforms last January caused a lot of controversy. WhatsApp management has announced that users will have their accounts deleted after February 8 if they do not agree to the new policies. WhatsApp received a warning through Elon Musk that their users thought it was trivial. The main goal of the policy is to share users’ data with third-party companies such as Facebook.

We will not force WhatsApp users to give in to the fierce opposition of the federal government!
WhatsApp vs Government of India: How Does It Affect You? – DKODING
The second goal of WhatsApp is to enter the online business and make a profit by flying another flag. Realizing that their secrets might be leaked, WhatsApp users deleted it and jumped on processors, including Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp has lost millions of users around the world. To address this, the implementation of the new Privacy Policy has been postponed to May 15.

WhatsApp to try again to change privacy policy by mid-May | WhatsApp | Patron
WhatsApp did not say whether those policies would be removed during the announcement. Instead we give ourselves time to read and understand the principles until then. Users are not ready to believe even if they promise not to share any personal conversations. Still forcing users to accept updated policies. Meanwhile, a case is pending in the Delhi High Court in this regard. The federal affidavit was filed during the final hearing.

New Terms of Service urge WhatsApp users to adopt a privacy policy
It says: “The federal government is urging WhatsApp users to accept new privacy policies that have been amended prior to the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Bill. It works strategically to deceive users and get policies approved for this purpose. Continues to send notifications to users to adopt new policies. This is contrary to the order issued by the Competitive Regulatory Commission of India. Therefore, WhatsApp should be given an interim ban on sending notifications to users. ”

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy delayed until May 15
It is in this context that the petition came up for hearing again today. A lawyer representing WhatsApp said the implementation of the new privacy policy would be voluntarily halted and would wait until the federal government passes the security bill. He also promised that users would not be forced to accept the policy until then. Earlier in May, WhatsApp had assured the federal government that the personal data of Indians would not be shared with anyone and would be protected.



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