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“We stand with Indians” – Pakistanis who have won hearts!

The second wave of corona is affecting India more brutally than thought. In the last 24 hours alone, more than 3.46 million people have been diagnosed with the disease. More than 2,500 people were killed. The World Health Organization warns India and other countries that this is the biggest disaster.

'Pakistan stands with India' is in the top 3 trends on Indian Twitter whereas its topping the trends list in Pakistan.

Corona laughs at the junction if the medical structure of our country is put aside. With the exception of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, most states are struggling with corona. There is a severe shortage of oxygen, remdacivir, bed rest, corona vaccine and ambulance. Many patients die at the hospital gates because there are not enough doctors to treat them.

25 patients dead at Delhi's Ganga Ram amid oxygen crisis; hospitals move  High Court

Tears well up in Death Knee’s ears. At least 20 people have died at Delhi ‘s largest hospital after failing to deliver oxygen. More than 200 lives are saved as there is only enough oxygen for half an hour. People do not have graves to bury or burn in peace even after death.

Everyone is of the opinion that it is futile to expect the federal and state governments to provide the necessary assistance. Twitter and Facebook are asking for help from friends who currently have internet access. They do too without expecting a response. The only good thing Corona did was to grow humanity among the people. Currently, Pakistan also has friends for Indians.

Indo-Pakistani friends on the border help each other. Humanitarian assistance to all medical services such as oxygen and vaccines required by the Indians excited everyone.

The Yeti Foundation in Pakistan has said in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it is ready to send 50 ambulances to fight Corona. It says it is ready to provide any assistance, including food and fuel.

The trending hashtag on Twitter. All Indian friends have promised to do whatever they ask for help immediately. The Pakistanis have also demanded that Prime Minister Imran Khan send the required oxygen cylinders to India.

Such flexible Indians did not think that you (Pakistanis) would help us. They are convinced that you have won our hearts.



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