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Various physical problems after taking Kovid-Antidote? If you do, you will be relieved

The third phase of Kovid vaccination has started across the country. People between the ages of 18 and 45 can now take antidotes. But many are worried about the side effects of the drug. Good to say first, if you see side effects like mild fever, fatigue, body aches or vomiting after vaccination, you know it is good news. Because it means that the antidote is working in your body. Many of these symptoms are consistent with Kovid. This usually goes away within 48 hours. However these side effects can cause a little discomfort. So find out how to get relief.


Hand pain may occur after vaccination (where the vaccine is given). You may feel pain all over your body. We have not yet come up with any scientific information that could reduce the effects of painkillers. However, doctors believe that it is best not to take painkillers after vaccination.

Many people have a mild fever within hours of being vaccinated. Especially after the second dose. Paracetamol can reduce fever. However, if you do not want to take the medicine, you can get temporary relief even if you give a water bandage.

Tendency to vomit

It is not uncommon to experience slight nausea after vaccination. Lemon-water, ginger tea or peppermint tea would be even better. Keep track of what you eat. It is best not to eat cooked or processed food for a few days after survival. You need to drink plenty of water. The body will feel tired. In addition to water, you can also drink fruit juice, whey, coconut water, yogurt, fruit and vegetable smoothies. Care should be taken to prevent dehydration in any way.

The injected hand may become swollen within a few hours. This is called Kovid-am. You can apply ice to relieve pain. Applying ice can reduce swelling or itching of the hands. The hand needs to be moved slightly to avoid tightening the hand. You can do some stretching exercises on your hands.

Pain in the body

To reduce fatigue or body aches, take a warm bath with salt. At the end of the day, dip your feet in a bowl of hot water with bath salt.


Even light exercise or yoga exercises after vaccination can be beneficial. But remember, the body needs rest. Prolonged rest, adequate rest, and some breathing exercises are required. Don’t start rushing with strenuous exercise.



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