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UAE: Houthi attacks threaten international navigation security

The UAE has strongly condemned the attempt by Iranian-backed Houthi militia to target a merchant ship under Saudi Arabia’s sister country in the South Red Sea. Allied air defense. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation confirmed in a statement that the UAE considers the terrorist group’s attempts to threaten the safety of international shipping lanes south of the Red Sea, as well as the region’s systematic mandate to undermine security and stability.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said the terrorist attacks were a reflection of the Houthi militia’s continued disregard for the international community and its disregard for all international law and norms, and called for immediate and decisive action against the international community.
The statement affirmed the UAE’s full solidarity with the country facing these terrorist and coup attacks, and stands in line with all threats to its security, stability, navigation and global trade. The security of the UAE and the security of Saudi Arabia are inseparable and the country regards him as a threat to its security and stability in the face of any threat or danger.
The leadership of the coalition, which supports the legitimacy of Yemen, announced yesterday evening that it had foiled a hostile attempt to attack a Saudi merchant ship using a Saudi drone.
In addition, the Saudi press agency SPA, through its official official account on the social networking site Twitter, confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia would continue to threaten shipping lines and international trade in the South Red Sea, citing the Allies.
The alliance attributed its efforts to freedom of navigation and the safety of ships passing through the Gulf of Bab al-Mandab.
The Houthi terrorist attack on a Saudi merchant ship using a “booby-trapped” drone was widely condemned.
The recurring hostility confirmed by the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs reflects the clear determination of the Houthi terrorists to continue the brutal attacks on the country and destabilize security and stability in the region, and praised the efficiency of the allied forces in supporting legitimacy. The attack can be prevented.
They ressed the need for the international community to take preventive measures against these repeated violations of all international law, and aimed at disrupting maritime traffic and global trade freedom in the region.
Yemen’s foreign ministry has also condemned the terrorist attack.
In a statement, the ministry ressed that “the continuing terrorist attacks by the Houthi armed forces reflect their gross disregard for the international community and their disregard for all international laws and standards that demand security, peace and stability.”
The ministry called on the international community to take an urgent and decisive stand to end these deliberate and planned aggression targeting key installations and civilian objects in Saudi Arabia, the continuing military escalation in Marib and al-Baida, and the threat to international security. Navigation poses a threat to international peace and security.
They reaffirmed Yemen’s firm and supportive position for the country and its solidarity with all necessary measures to combat these cowardly acts of terrorism, maintain its security and stability, and safeguard the security of international shipping lanes.
The Muslim World League has condemned the terrorist attack on all its international councils, councils and bodies.
The head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. In a statement issued by the Secretary General of Mohammed bin Abdul Kareem Al-Issa, the Association confirmed that this terrorist attack was a gross violation of all international laws and norms granting freedom. The safety of maritime navigation also makes this subversive activity criminal, as it provides for the imposition of fines. Defense against those who violate these rules.
It condemned and condemned this terrorist activity which aims to affect the security and stability of the region and threaten the security and security of global trade.
The Secretary-General, in his name and on behalf of the Councils and Bodies of the Association, reiterated the Association’s support for the State of Saudi Arabia and its full support for the steps being taken to maintain security, stability, security and independence. Maritime navigation in this regard.
In addition, the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers strongly condemned and condemned the terrorist activity carried out by the Houthi militia.
A statement from Tunisia’s headquarters said Saudi Arabia was not only targeting the country and its vital facilities, but also supporting Iranian-backed militancy.



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