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UAE condemns Houthi attempt to target Khamis Mushait on boarded plane

The UAE has systematically cracked down on Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi Ngyani through a straightforward-trapped drone, which, in turn, has systematically but effectively targeted civilians and civilian objects in the Siberian country of Khamis Mushait.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said:

The ministry called on the international community to take an urgent and decisive step towards ending the recurring measures aimed at vital and civilian facilities, the country’s security, energy supply and global economic stability, and said the recent attacks were “dangerous”. Increasing efforts by these militias to undermine security and stability in the region, new evidence.

In the face of these terrorist attacks, the Ministry renews its solidarity with the UAE, stands against all threats to its security and stability, and supports its security and all measures taken to protect the safety of its citizens and residents. .

“The security of the United Arab Emirates and the security of Saudi Arabia are inseparable and the government considers any threat or danger to the country to be a threat to its security and stability,” the statement said. -ML



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