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Tragedy strikes when a woman drowns in a well near Wayampatti and tries to save her daughter!

A woman who fell into a well near Wayampatti and tried to save her daughter drowned and died tragically. An 8-year-old boy retaliated and rescued 2 people, including a girl who stumbled into the water.

Balakrishnan is from Tulukkampatti village near Vayampatti in Trichy district. Truck driving. Wife Guna (29). They have 2 children, Litika (8) and Niterson (7). In this condition Guna finished work yesterday evening and went to bathe with her daughter Lithika in a nearby well. Then, the little girl unexpectedly fell into the water.

Woman drowns in well near Vayampatti … Tragedy while trying to save her daughter!
On hearing this, Guna immediately jumped into the well and tried to save his daughter. But the swimmer did not know, so he jumped into the water with his daughter. Seeing this, Chandrasekhar’s son Lohit from the same area jumped into the well and rescued Lithika and another boy who were trying to save them and brought them ashore. But he could not pull the trigger and drowned.

Neighbors heard the boys screaming and rushed to the well to search. Guna was found dead at the time. Viyampatti police found the body and sent it to Manapparai Government Hospital for post-mortem. The case is being investigated.



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