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Tokyo Olympics: This year’s Olympics are different from other times, where, why and how

The Tokyo Olympics were scheduled for 2020. That match pushes the corona backwards. The Olympics start on July 23 this year. Fear has been heard in the throat of the organizer as to whether or not the corona infection will continue. This year’s Olympics are very different than other times. Where is the difference?

Corona laws

The Olympics, however, mean that the whole world is coming to celebrate in the host city. This time it is not happening.

A state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo since July 12 in anticipation of the Olympics. This time the Olympics are almost without spectators. Foreign visitors are not allowed to enter Japan. Locals can watch some games, but they are banned.

What kind of ban? There is no excitement, no song, no sound, no whistle. Nothing can be done as there is a risk of corona infection.

You cannot remain on a team. Visitors must maintain physical distance. The Olympics end on August 6, but the state of emergency in Tokyo will continue until August 22.

This time the Olympics will also be very difficult for the athletes. According to the rules, they will be tested every day. Corona tested everyone twice within 96 hours before entering Japan. Everyone should enter Japan with negative results. Athletes will be tested every moment in the Games Village.

This time the number of women competitors from many major countries is higher at the Olympics. China at the top. There are 298 women and 133 male contestants. There will be 329 women and 264 male contestants from the United States. There will be 201 women and 175 male contestants in Great Britain. There are a lot of women in Canada too. There are 225 women and 145 male contestants. The Australian team consists of 252 women and 219 men. Russia will be represented by 173 women and 147 men.

There are more men in the Indian team. Of the 127 players in the Indian team, 57 are women and 61 are men.

This time the number of countries in the Olympics decreased. 206 countries participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics. 205 countries are participating in the Olympics this year.

Greater India

128 Indian athletes are participating in this year’s Olympics. They will take part in 16 different games. The Indian team consists of 228 coaches and the rest of the team. This is the largest team India has sent to the Olympics.

Six-time world boxing champion Mary Kom and hockey captain Manpreet Singh will be India’s flag bearers at the Olympics this year. On the last day, Bajrang Punia, the flag bearer of India.

Indian hockey team.
Indian hockey team.
Photo: Reuters

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Experts say the number of people affected by corona at the Olympics is seven.
116 Indian athletes participated in the Rio Olympics. There were two medals. PV Sindhu won silver in badminton and Sakshi Malik won bronze in wrestling. This time too, India will look for Sindh for the medal. Meanwhile, Archer will be watching Deepika Kumari. Wrestler Amit Pangal is also expected to win the medal. Many Indian contestants have high hopes for the shooting.

This is the first time the Indian team has competed in fencing and sailing at the Olympics. The largest team in India after hockey is in athletics. 25 athletes are going down to this bar. Of these, 6 are women and 18 are men.

Pranati Naik at the Olympic Village.
Pranati Naik at the Olympic Village.
Photo: Reuters

Canceled without war

The Olympics have been canceled three times before 2020. Each time there was a war. The Olympics were canceled in 1918, 1940 and 1944. The Olympics have not been canceled since 1898. The 2020 Olympics are canceled. Because of the corona. This has been changed to 2021.

Germany was not allowed to participate in the 1920 Olympics. The Olympics, with the exception of Germany, have been blamed for the start of World War I. Shooting at the 1968 Olympics was tainted. Unarmed people shot in Mexico. The Teletalco genocide is still a black mark on the Olympics.

However, the bloodshed at the 1982 Olympics became apparent. At that time, several Palestinians attacked the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics. The militants were also with them. Eleven Israelis were killed. First, two were killed and nine were taken prisoner. Later they too were killed.



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