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This is what restaurants affected by the “Muted Delta” do!

A US official’s memo reveals that the same amount of Delta Mutant chickenpox is contagious, and that its effects are far more dangerous than the previous virus, although people infected with it appear to be transmitted whether they get the vaccine or not.

These observations, based on scientific studies, are contained in an internal memo currently circulating at the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the leading health agency in the United States.

Rochelle Linsky, director of the Centers for Disease Control, relied on the data contained in the memo to repeat the recommendation two days before placing masks indoors for people who have been vaccinated in high-risk areas.

This memo is specifically based on an analysis conducted in the provincetown of Massachusetts, which found about 900 corona virus cases after the National Day celebrations on July 4, and three-quarters of those who attended the event were restaurants. However, there is “no difference” in the potency of the virus between vaccination and immunization, and according to the same text, the same amount of infection is indicated, regardless of vaccination status.



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