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The world is trembling for the new detective of Bengal, the source of the corona, the past of Feloda-Byomkesh

The days of Felu Mitti-Byomkesh boxer are over. A new detective has appeared in Bengal. It’s one type, another style, and another type of espionage with age. There is no need to go to Gangtok to deal with the riots. You don’t even have to go to see Mahabaleshwar like Biombash. This detective solved the mystery by getting his hands on a computer style. There was no need to go to the ground.
But is this detective the FBI?

Detective did not recover the news of the drug mafia’s secret business. But it did what the CIA-FBI could not do. The biggest secret these days is where the corona virus came from. He says the new Maganlal Meghraj is the Chinese government!

Many said the virus was spread from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, at the start of the corona epidemic last year. But no one was able to provide any information without expressing suspicion. Not even Donald Trump. But this time the new detective was able to add enough ghee to that suspicion.

Feloda-Byomkesh occasionally wore the costume. As did Sherlock Holmes in the UK. The whole life of this detective was disguised. No one knows where you live or what you do. He doesn’t even want to know. That’s why he named it ‘The Seeker’. Nickname. His espionage is taking place on the net under the name of Twitter handle. There he is seen searching for his cowardice from an area in West Bengal. He reads the Dista Dista research paper published in China. From there you get new information. Companion brain. The gap is being filled with his help.

All the roads in Corona are in Uhan’s laboratory!

Everyone has the right to know the home address of the virus that is spreading around the world. So the public service tries to cover the face with a mask. The history of such works is ancient. There are examples of this in different societies. In cinema and literature, their identities are kept secret and they stand with the helpless. There is a similar story in the latest Bengali serial from the popular Hollywood film of the 40s ‘The Mark of Zoro’, ‘Doomsday is coming’ in 2011. However, this researcher is writing his own screenplay.

Last May, a new research paper was published in The Seeker. Written in 2013. At the beginning of Kovid’s expansion, Wuhan pointed to the Institute of Virology. Later, many called it ‘political conspiracy’. The research paper again brought some evidence to support that old claim. It refers to a mine in the Yunnan region near Uhan.

A group of Netizens have formed an alliance to find the source of the virus that has spread around the world. They are called ‘dusty’. The full name is ‘Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating Covid-19’. This group includes people from different countries. They are associated with various occupations. The team voluntarily searches for the truth. Its member is also an investigator from West Bengal. Struggling behind the clouds of technology to find the answer to the most important question of this century. First, the news of Drystick’s work was confined to the Twitter world. There was an exchange of information. The gold mine was discovered in West Bengal as ‘The Seeker’. The whole world reacted to it.

The name of the Chinese scientist Xi Chengli has come up again and again in search of the source of Kovid. She is nicknamed ‘Batwoman’ because she studied the corona virus found in bats. Wuhan is the director of the Institute of Virology. As soon as Kovid spread, various rumors about his research began to spread. He reiterated that he did not even have his own laboratory in this case. However, during questioning himself, Shi Chengli did not mention the mine. In 2012, six workers were seriously injured while working at the mine. There were a lot of bats in the mine. The workers were admitted to Kunming Medical University with cough, fever and shortness of breath. Three died within three months. A research paper written by a graduate student in 2013 raises some serious questions about the incident.

What is associated with the superficial corona virus ‘SARSCOV-2’?

Bengali ‘The Seeker’ went one step further to answer that question. That research helps. Blood samples from one of the dead workers were reportedly sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Detected presence of ‘SARS’ virus. He published in another research paper. That too fell into the hands of the ‘Dristic’ members. The home of various viruses in Kovid is now said to be Uhan’s laboratory.

When the corona began to spread in China last year, Shi Chengli published a research paper. There was a mention of a virus called ‘RootG13’. A. with SARS Cove-2 virus



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