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The Supreme Court has said that citizens should not be silenced in the media about atrocities

Ordinary people can only express problems with the corona condition online, and there should be no repression. The statement made at a time when Facebook and Twitter were being made about the role of the Modi government behind the allegations made by the Supreme Court was admitted by the central government for making threatening threats to the country.

The Supreme Court filed the case on its own initiative, citing the picture of anarchy across the country over the Kovid situation. During his hearing on Friday, the issue of lack of citizens came up in the media. The court ruled that it did not support the disclosure of any information and that such action was unjust. Even then, if such a repressive policy is adopted, it will be considered contempt of court.

“As a citizen of the country and as a judge, I am very concerned about one thing,” Justice DY Chandrachur told the court on Friday. That is, I do not support the policy of suppressing information if any citizen of the country complains to the media. Let the words of the citizens reach our ears. In the days to come when the media will open its mouth about the lack of beds and oxygen in the hospital, it will be the court’s intention to harass anyone, ”he said.

Microblogging site officials have recently taken out several tweets from MPs and MLAs criticizing the Modi government over the Corona crisis. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanded his resignation following the Corona crisis a few days ago, all related posts were blocked by Facebook. However, they later said that such a move was taken by mistake. A section of the citizens but the whole incident found a rift between the central government and Facebook. An FIR was recently filed against a young man from Uttar Pradesh for complaining on Twitter that a family member did not have access to oxygen. In this case, the Supreme Court said that the opinion of the citizens should not be suppressed through the net.



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