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The next shock confirms the “kappa” corona for two in UP!

The corona virus that first appeared did not spread around the world. Different pressures developed in different countries. Corona virus mutations in the UK, India, Brazil and South Africa. Although the corona virus has evolved in many countries, the mutated corona virus that originated in the above four countries posed the greatest threat. Only two mutated viruses have emerged in India. They have a common name with the World Health Organization.

Next shock “Kappa” corona confirmed for two in UP!
Lambda variants of kappa and corona virus: what we know
Accordingly, the virus that appeared in the UK was named alpha and the virus in South Africa and Brazil was named beta and gamma, respectively. Similarly, one of the two viruses in India was named Kappa and the other Delta. Delta virus is 50% faster than the original corona. This creates strong bonds with the lungs and can be life threatening. The virus affected people in the second wave in India. It is currently spreading in various countries and increasing the risk.

Two cases of Kappa Kovid variant were found in Uttar Pradesh
Two people have been diagnosed with the Kappa corona virus in Uttar Pradesh. The genetic sequence of blood samples from two corona patients at King George Medical College in Lucknow confirmed the spread of the kappa virus. 107 people were found to be infected with the Delta virus. The virus is not so viral but is said to be dangerous if not treated early. However, they say it can be easily controlled.



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