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The latest developments in the expansion of the “corona” in the world

The latest developments related to the spread of corona virus in the world are coming to light in the latest numbers, new measures and facts.

The corona vaccine was given to 40 million people in France

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted on Monday that France had surpassed the 40 million people who received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. This applies to approximately 60% of the population and 75% of adults. More than 33 million of them have been fully vaccinated, about half of the total population.

The daily COVID-19 infection in Iran crosses 30,000 for the first time

The number of daily infections caused by the corona virus in Iran crossed the 30,000 mark for the first time on Monday, the second-highest number in a week, according to official figures.

More than 12,000 wounded daily in Iraq

A total of 12,180 cases were reported in Iraq on Monday. This is the highest number of deaths in the country since the March 2020 eruption. The total number of infections was 1,564,828.

Return to restaurants in Ireland only for people who have been vaccinated

Restaurants and bars in Ireland will be open to customers from Monday if they present a health certificate or proof of recovery from the corona virus within the last six months.

Restrictions are relaxing in Indonesia

Small kiosks, street restaurants and several shopping malls reopened in Indonesia on Monday.

However, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced on Sunday evening that the partial isolation would continue until August 2.

Curfew, the financial capital of Vietnam

More than a million people in Ho Chi Minh City, the financial capital of Vietnam, have been under curfew since Monday in an unprecedented decision by authorities to prevent the spread of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Losses in the air sector are still increasing

Irish airline Ryanair and Heathrow Airport have reported increased losses in recent months due to travel restrictions in Europe due to the epidemic.

Heathrow warns that if Ryanair expects a summer recovery and slightly raises expectations about flights, the number of passengers passing through it in 2021 will be lower than in 2020.

Vaccines made locally in South Africa

Aspen, the South African pharmaceutical company responsible for Johnson & Johnson vaccine packaging in South Africa, on Monday announced the distribution of the first batch of locally made vaccines.

Aspen is pleased to confirm that Johnson & Johnson’s Kovid – 19 vaccine, the first export to South Africa, will arrive on Monday, the company said in a statement without specifying the dosage.

Kovid cases in the Dutch delegation to the Olympic Games

Kovid recorded 19 cases in the Dutch delegation to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which led to the withdrawal of tennis players and the isolation of the rowing team. Evertz.

More than 4.16 million deaths worldwide

The Corona virus has killed 4,163,235 people worldwide since the World Health Organization’s office in China reported an outbreak in late December 2019, official sources said. At 10:00 GMT on Monday, the United States had the highest number of deaths (610,891), followed by Brazil with 549,924 deaths and 420,967 deaths.

Considering the additional mortality directly or indirectly associated with Kovid-19, the World Health Organization estimates that the outcome of the epidemic is two to three times higher than the officially declared outcome.



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