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The Bandar’s hostage was firm and the post was destroyed by the police

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Baracker in Asansol was outraged by the prisoner’s death. Police arrested a young man from the area Monday night. News of his death spread on Tuesday morning. Since then, the area has become a battleground. Insane mob destroys Barakar police post. A car also caught fire. The area was engulfed in flames.
A group of Barakar residents alleged that Armaan Khan was arrested by Barakar police post workers on Monday night. Armand’s relatives visited the post on Tuesday morning and found him ill and he was taken to Asansol District Hospital. If you go there, you know that Armand is dead. Since then, the situation has worsened.

When the news of Arman’s death was announced on Tuesday, the outraged crowd began to protest. Barakar throws bricks at police post. The CCTV camera at the entrance to the port broke down. Police vehicles were set on fire. Shops in the area were closed following the protest. Traffic was also disrupted. “I do not know what the case is against Arman Khan,” said Sikander Ansari, one of the protesters. In the morning I heard that Barababu had taken him and killed him. Grandpa, what is God? We need justice. They are poor families. Her father is a bed mechanic. How is this day going?

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Krishnan, the wife of the late Mukul Roy, was with Suvarangshu at the Chennai hospital.
Amarnath Das and Prashant Kumar Pal, the police officers in charge of the Barakar police post, have been suspended in connection with the incident. Asansol-Durgapur police commissioner Ajay Tagore said one person had died in police custody. His complaint was filed. We are looking for. Initially, two officers were suspended. The crowd entered. The car caught fire. No one will be hurt that way.



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