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The army did not give permission, yet Mamata Gandhi is sitting in a dharna under the statue

Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday sat in a dharna under a statue of Gandhi to protest the Election Commission’s decision. Sources said an email was sent to the military at 9.40am on Tuesday seeking permission. However, sources said that the army has not yet given permission for a dharna in the area. A military spokesman said it was difficult to complete the permitting process as quickly as possible. It is believed that this created a complication with Dharma. It is learned that Mamata was not allowed to sit in the dharna till the report came out.

The commission has imposed a 24-hour ban on the Trinamool leader’s campaign. He was accused of making ‘persuasive’ statements. The Commission sent a notice asking for a reply. His reply was also given to the Commission. However, the commission sources said that they were not satisfied with the notice sent to Mamata. After that, the commission went down on Monday to campaign for the Trinamool leader.

The commission has issued guidelines stating that the chief minister will not be able to conduct any campaign from 8 pm on Monday to 8 pm on Tuesday. Soon after, Mamata tweeted on Monday night that the commission’s decision was unconstitutional and unconstitutional. He said he would sit in a dharna under the Gandhi statue at 12 noon to protest.

The Trinamool leader on Tuesday held public meetings in Barasat, Bidanagar, Haringatha and Krishnaganj. All events were canceled as a result of the Commission’s recommendation. According to Trinamool sources, Mamata Banerjee will hold public rallies in Barasat and Bidanagar on Monday night. It is known that he will join the meeting as soon as the campaign ban expires.

Mamata Banerjee made the remarks at a meeting of the Indian Secular Front (ISF)’s Abbas Siddiqui in Hooghly’s Tarkeshwar on April 3. “Minority votes should not be allowed to divide,” he told the crowd. When it comes to the BJP, remember that the dangers are the most for you. ‘If such allegations are proved against a candidate, his candidature may be rejected under the House of Representatives Act. The commission then sent a notice.



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