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Teens commit suicide after their child dies

A teenager has committed suicide by drinking poison after a child died near Tirupati.

Vijayakumar is located in the Trishalam area near Jolarpet in Tirupati district. Wage Worker. Wife Gatami (23). They have been married for the last 3 years. In this case, the baby died less than a year after the miscarriage. Thus, he became depressed.

குழந்தை இறந்த வேதனையில் இளம்பெண் தற்கொலை!

In this situation, Gautami, who was at home on the night of the fifth day, tried to commit suicide by drinking poison. He was rescued by his relatives and admitted to the Tirupati Government Hospital. He died there without the benefit of intensive treatment by doctors. Following a complaint by Gautami’s parents, the police recovered the body and sent it to Jolarpet for post-mortem.

In addition, a case is registered and an investigation is underway. Tirupati RDO is investigating the matter as Gautami died 3 years after getting married.



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