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Tamil Nadu Right to Life Party Velmurugan Backtracks!

Voting in the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections ended last month at 6 p.m. With the counting of votes completed in a single phase for all the 234 constituencies, the counting is now taking place safely at 75 counting centers. Fifty thousand policemen are on security duty to register to vote. Voting is taking place in 16 centers in Chennai, including Loyola College and Rani Mary College.

வேல்முருகன் (கோப்புப்படம்)

In this situation Cuddalore district Panruti assembly constituency Tamil Nadu Right to Life party Velmurugan has suffered a setback in the 2nd round. Velmurugan got 6,482 votes while Rajendran got 8,034 votes. The difference between the two votes is 1,552. As a result, the AIADMK candidate is ahead of the DMK alliance party, the Tamil Nadu Right to Life Party.



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