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Taliban: Will Boris work with the Taliban if necessary, a more secluded Delhi on the Kabul question?

Afghanistan will try to resolve the issue diplomatically. The government has agreed to work with the Taliban if necessary, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters after a cabinet meeting on Friday. Russia and China have previously backed the Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan supports. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi arrived in Kabul on Sunday. According to international political analysts, the Taliban have always sided with Pakistan. The question is whether the Taliban could have moved so fast if Pakistan had not been a power partner. Geopolitics believe that New Delhi has become a bit more isolated as Britain softens its stance on the Taliban issue.

The Qatari alliance, which includes India, Germany and Tajikistan, has previously said that the Afghan government will not recognize the Taliban if Kabul is seized by military force. China has sent a message that it does not care about its opposition to the Taliban. “Afghanistan has been captured by the Taliban,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said recently. In that sense, it is unlikely that Afghanistan will be forced to impose its views on Afghanistan.

Washington has taken a similar stance since the withdrawal of troops. It is clear from the words of the newly elected President Joe Biden that even if the powers of the subcontinent fight each other, nothing will come out of the Biden administration as long as its flames come to the United States. Iran also withdrew. On the other hand, the South Block is still in doubt about its position, experts claim. However, in this context, Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter, “The realm of terrorism is never permanent.” In the next scenario, they are looking at India’s position on the Taliban issue.



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