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Sunday is a rare day in the world of sports, are you ready for ‘Super Sunday’?

If you love sports, especially football and tennis, Sunday will literally be ‘Super Sunday’ for you.

Why! Do the Copa America finals, Wimbledon finals and Euro Cup finals come on the same day every year? Why every year, every four years it is less likely to happen.

In terms of dates, of course, the Copa and the Euro are not one in the same. The game will start at 9pm local time on Saturday in Maracan, Brazil. But Indians will see it on Sunday morning. In that sense, Sunday is their last day.

Graphic: Shuvik Debnath

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Leading Argentina
Not only the finals, but this fight is practically mastered. Competition to divide Bengalis into two. Brazil and Argentina last met in the Copa final 14 years ago. Messi began to earn a regular place in the starting XI of the national team. Neymar did not get it then. Julio Baptista’s Brazil beat Roberto Ayala’s Argentina 3-0. Since then, Argentina have reached the final three more times. They lost to Uruguay in 2011 and Chile in 2015 and 2016. The then young Messi is now in the final stages of his football career. Our football fans want to see the cup in his hand. Neymar, on the other hand, has won the Copa America for the last time. This trophy is a match to establish him more in the world of football. You have to get up in the morning to see the Brazil-Argentina masterpiece. The game started at 5:30.

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Respect Ken
You can rest in the middle. But you should get up before noon. The Wimbledon final will begin at 6:30 p.m. Novak Djokovic will take on Matteo Berettini in the Davis Cup in Kolkata. If he wins another match, he will touch Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. You definitely don’t want to miss this moment.

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Djokovic’s opponent’s victory despite reaching 30th Grand Slam final
The real fight started at midnight. England and Italy will play. There is no doubt that the English will come forward from home. But Italy is not going to give up so easily. They are going to play 32 games unbeaten. Spain lost to rivals like Belgium. Despite winning the World Cup four times, their trophy cabinet has only one Euro Cup. Roberto Mancini wants to increase the number of boys. England have never won a Euro. Can the boys at Gareth Southgate make history?

That’s why last year Corona was unbearable for sports fans. He was under house arrest and sports were banned all over the world. Returned a few months later, but in an empty stadium. The urge to watch the game disappeared overnight. This year, overall, everything is normal, so sports fans are rediscovering that old image.

Super Sunday came a few years ago. The Cricket World Cup final and Wimbledon final were played on the same day on July 14. Ein Morgan won the World Cup for the first time just a few kilometers away from Novak Djokovic to win his 21st Grand Slam with Roger Federer. Both games ended at about the same time. But this time the chances are slim.

Waiting a few more hours for Super Sand this time.



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