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Suddenly Thom died everywhere, and then I saw … the experience of Baleshwar on Wednesday

I am sitting quietly in the room. But the mind is restless. There is always an understanding of what is going to happen.Now from foot to eleven. We are in the midst of violence.

I have been witnessing a hurricane I have never seen since morning. Our city of Baleshwar is mostly near the sea. Half an hour later Chandipur. I have witnessed many hurricanes before. But I have never seen such a thing.

There will be no electricity in Baleshwar from 11 pm tomorrow. As a result, the old atmosphere in the house. Candles, hurricanes. Power backup is not used. I do not know how long the current will last.

The storm has started from the night. I went to bed at 2 o’clock at night. There was still wind. But not so much. Like a normal storm. But in the morning that is weird. I woke up at 5:30 with a loud noise. A large tree was uprooted nearby. It seems like a catastrophe. We all staggered up. No one has slept since then.

There was the sound of a strong storm since morning. But all of a sudden everything stops and goes silent. Looks like maybe it all stopped. Then the wind started blowing again with a loud noise. The windows are closed. Yet it is trembling again and again. Everything is shaking and Yas is coming forward as an omnivore. All in all, my chest is trembling in this atmosphere.

Residents of Baleshwar witnessed the violence.

It’s raining. The street in front of my house is now a waist water. I heard that the drainage ditch near Rameshwar temple is overflowing. Our Baleshwar is a small town. Many plants have fallen in the vicinity. Several huts near the warehouse next to Baleshwar railway station have collapsed. An 8-year-old boy fell from a tree and died. I don’t know how much worse news to hear.

City roads are also closed in places due to falling trees. The two national highways connecting Baleshwar, 5 and 60, have become disconnected. No one can get out of the house. The door and window are not going to open. Of course, there is no question.

Landfall in progress. The storm is also raging. Wondering how those who lost their homes are spending a few more hours, where they are.



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