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Study: Cholesterol drug reduces corona infection by 70%

Cholesterol-lowering drug “Phenofibrate” reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 70%, British researchers say. According to the newspaper “Express” (Saturday), researchers at the University of Birmingham and Kelly, in the active form of the drug, “phenofibric acid” reduces the transmission of infection, although it is used orally to treat abnormal lipid levels and reduce the harm of cholesterol, “phenofibrid acidoprotein protein” protein. The virus is used by viral worms called ACE2 to attack the lungs. Participating in the study, Italian professor Elisa Vicenci said: “The data from our study concluded that phenofibrate reduces the severity of corona symptoms and reduces the prevalence of the virus and its variants (alpha and beta), and that research is still ongoing (delta) on its effectiveness.



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