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“Sterlite plant should not be opened”

Presidency Secretary-General Vaikolova requested that the Sterlite plant not be reopened.

In a statement, Presidency Secretary General Vaikolova said: However, the Minister of Public Welfare and the Secretary have made it clear that there is a shortage of oxygen in Tamil Nadu.

‘There is no shortage of oxygen all over India; Enough; However, transportation is needed to transport it from one place to another, ‘said Siddharth Jain, Director, Inox, a leading oxygen manufacturer in India. His comments on this have been published in detail in the Times of India today. In India, 7000 tons of oxygen is produced daily in factories. Of these, 2,000 tonnes are produced alone. In terms of oxygen in India, Maratha State ranks first and Gujarat second. Local companies said they would add 25 to 50 percent oxygen. There are a total of 27 companies operating in India. Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Harkhand have more oxygen than they need.

Last year, during the same period, during a similar corona blockade, there was no shortage of oxygen. Recently, 9,300 metric tons of oxygen was exported from India to Bangladesh, including 8828 metric tons by several countries. Therefore, five or ten devices are enough for each hospital. Such a device would produce 7200 liters of oxygen per day; It can produce 36000 liters a day with five tools.

Thousands of people in Thoothukudi fainted due to toxic air from the Sterlite plant; The Chennai High Court and the Supreme Court have ruled that the area is detrimental to the people and the agro-industry. Therefore, there is no need to reactivate that plant. The Tamil Nadu government should not allow such attempts.



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