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Sputnik V: Delay in Sputnik V delivery in India! The agency said the issue would be resolved by August

The agency said the problem would be resolved by August, although the corona vaccine in India in Russia has been temporarily delayed. The company said in a statement on Wednesday that there were problems with the supply of vaccines due to delays in production. We hope the issue will be resolved by August. As a result, there will be no further problems in issuing ticks. ‘

The statement added, “Sputnik V has already signed production agreements with 14 countries. It also has agreements with companies such as the Serum Institute in India. As a result, production of vaccines will increase significantly in the coming days.

In India, Sputnik has been vaccinated after Kovshield and Kovas. However, another vaccine, Sputnik Lite, has not yet been approved by the Drug Controller General of India. Although vaccination is allowed in India, the Sputnik vaccine is still not available in sufficient quantities in many states. Although available in private hospitals, the supply of these vaccines in the public sector is still low. Experts say the supply of vaccines needs to be increased if 100 percent of the country’s adult population is to be vaccinated against measles this year. In this case, the company heard the word of hope.



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