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Sputnik Light: Dr. Reddy is not allowed in India for the third phase of the Sputnik light ticker trial

After the Kovac vaccine, the Russian vaccine Sputnik Light was not allowed to conduct a third phase trial in India this time. The expert committee of the center is headed by Dr. Reddy’s laboratories were instructed to do so.

Expert committee members at the center met on Wednesday. Sources said there was no scientific basis behind the third phase of testing of the Sputnik light ticker. So they rejected this application.

Although Sputnik V tickers are allowed in India, Sputnik Lite is not yet approved. Dr. Reddy applied for the use of this ticker. Sputnik Vic has two vaccines. The first of these is the original vaccine and the second is the booster to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. Sputnik Lite was made from the first vaccine. The only vaccine.

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Dr. Reddy’s Sputnik V Tickers Tested. This time they wanted to do a trial to understand the effectiveness of Sputnik Light. The panel of experts said the effectiveness of the first tick of Sputnik V was not particularly effective. Sputnik Light is made from the first vaccine. So there is no scientific basis behind his trial.



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