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Soumitra Khan: ‘Madness has a limit!’ Dileep Jomi attacks Soumitra as Arbachin

Soumitra Khan, state president of the BJP’s Youth Front, said the BJP’s state leadership was on fire while trying to delay her resignation. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh gave him a practical warning. He joked about ‘Joker’ and ‘Arbachin’. “I have nothing to say,” Saumitra replied. But it is better to take action against those who harm the team.
On Wednesday afternoon, Soumitra expressed her desire to resign on Facebook Live and made various jokes about Dileep Babu. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari was also attacked. However, at night, he backtracked on his decision to resign with a post on Facebook.

Speaking on Thursday, Dileep Babu said, “It is very common for a young leader to do such an unjust thing. It will take time to come to the BJP (from the grassroots) and understand, you will understand. We forgive children’s mistakes first. “After that, Dileep Babu warned,” If someone does not mature with age, he also has arrangements in the team. All adjustments will be made. Madness has a limit! No one is essential to the team. If this continues, he will leave the party and society will one day abandon him.


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On this day, Dileep Babu also called Soumitra a ‘joker’. In his words, “Jokers are always important in politics! But losing weight is not right. He should be given the status given to him by the team.

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Meanwhile, the leader of the BJP’s Youth Front and the leader of the Women’s Front spoke out against some grassroots leaders on Facebook. In the wake of his departure from the Union Cabinet, Babul Supriya wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, “If there is smoke, there is fire.” I did not like Dileep Babu’s statement either. Explaining this, Babul said, “I am talking about rumors of smoke and fire. I did not say that there is fire inside the BJP!



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