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Shocking .. Mysterious person who broke into the house of “Modi’s pet” Ajit Doval – Reported to have sent “chip”!

India is always under threat from its neighbors. Will be. There are less serious risks, especially from China and Pakistan. The main responsibility for overcoming them lies with the Ministry of Defense. The ministry has advised National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. The main task is to formulate and implement plans on how to deal with threats from neighboring countries.

Ajit Doval’s house was attacked by a mysterious person. The home of National Security Adviser Ajit Doval is located in the capital, Delhi. A mysterious person got into the car and tried to trespass on the premises. Security officials immediately stopped his car. He was arrested and handed over to the Delhi Special Branch Police.

Delhi Police have arrested a youth who tried to enter the residence of NSAA Ajit Doval.

Preliminary investigation revealed that Chandanu Reddy hails from Karnataka and the car he came in was a rented car. Similarly, during interrogation, the man said that a chip was attached to his insides and that Dowell drove himself through the chip and entered the house. But police found that was not true and said he may have mental problems. However, intelligence officials are still investigating him.

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Ajit Doval’s security as a National Security Adviser and as a spy in Pakistan, China is always under threat. Those nations will pay close attention to his actions. So he would set up several layers of security inside the house. Despite all that, the incident where someone tried to break in has caused a bit of a stir. Although he held key positions in the intelligence services during the Congress rule, he was appointed as a security adviser after the BJP came to power in 2014.

Dowell was behind the surgical strike, the rescue of 46 Indians held captive by IS militants in Iraq, the overthrow of the KP regime against India in Nepal, and the Balakot attack. That is why he is the pet of Prime Minister Modi. He was also in controversy over this. Apart from being a security adviser, his involvement in various departments of the Central Government beyond his jurisdiction is to some extent intoxicating. He has been implicated in a number of controversies, including the CBI and the Raphael plane deal.



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