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Corona is declining rapidly in Tamil Nadu – here is the important update !!

In Tamil Nadu, 507 new corona cases were confirmed today.

The number of corona victims in Tamil Nadu is declining day by day. As a result, the spread of the disease was brought under control and the Government of Tamil Nadu granted various concessions. But the curfew in Tamil Nadu has been extended till March 2. The Tamil Nadu government had recently announced various concessions such as permission for Chennai Beach, permission to open nursery schools, kindergartens and exhibitions.

Corona virus

Adequate medical facilities are in place to provide appropriate treatment to those affected. The Tamil Nadu government has given such concessions in lieu of employment, economy, student future and normal life of the people in view of the low number of patients being admitted to hospitals for treatment.


In Tamil Nadu today, 507 people were diagnosed with the new corona virus a day. With the confirmation of 575 coronas yesterday, the number of cases today has dropped significantly. In Chennai, 133 people recovered and 1794 in a single day. The number of patients and those undergoing treatment was 8150. However, the number of deaths without treatment rose to three.



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