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Prime Minister Modi is responsible for 3 lakh deaths: KS Alagiri Show!

Tamil Nadu Congress leader KS Naidu has said that the production of corona vaccine has been handed over to only two companies. Alagiri blamed the central government.

“It has been seven years since the BJP came to power,” he said in a statement. The central government has announced the BJP’s achievements by spending about Rs 4,880 crore on people’s tax money. No advertisement can hide the BJP’s failures. Modi is accused of not keeping any of the promises he made seven years after coming to power.

கேஎஸ் அழகிரி

After failing in all areas of India, Prime Minister Modi failed to save the lives of the people. The last federal government that miraculously made the atomic bomb through the Department of Atomic Energy could not make the vaccine. The central government has handed over the vaccination product to only two companies to protect 136 crore people. He says thousands of people die every day as a result.

KS wants PM Modi responsible for corona deaths Alagiri said. He said that the people could not escape the clutches of Modi who had failed to save the lives of the people and that the Modi government was being considered. Painful rule.



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