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Postpone the calculation of the number of students who have not completed vaccination in Saudi Arabia

Spokesperson for Public Education at the Ministry of Education explained that between the Ministries of Education and Health to ensure that our male and female students return to school safely, to ensure the orderliness of the educational process, to protect their safety and their families and community, and to continue to cooperate and coordinate; University students and technical and vocational trainees who did not complete the immunization with two doses decided to postpone the absenteeism count for the first two weeks, and decided to postpone the count of absenteeism for the first two weeks of completed public school students (12) Gregorian years or more with two doses of the vaccine. Attendance at educational facilities will continue only for those who have completed the two-dose immunization. Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
He also ressed the call for male and female students to take the initiative to be vaccinated with two doses to achieve a safe and current return to educational facilities.



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