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Overall immunization is the only option, and the condition of the corona in India is extremely worrying, Hu commented.

Concerns of the World Health Organization (WHO) if India does not. The increasing number of Kovid patients, especially in hospitals across the country, is a matter of great concern, she said. Amidst the uncertainty about vaccines and the increase in infections, experts believe this has led to new concerns.

On Friday, Hu Chief Tedros Adanam Gabrias held a special press conference to discuss the world situation. He expressed concern over the situation in India. “The situation in India is very worrying,” Tedros said. The increasing number of infections and deaths in different states and the increasing number of hospital congestion is really worrying.

The central government struggled last year to deal with the first wave of corona. But the damage to that bar was not taken into account on such a large scale. This time, India needs to get help from other countries for medicine, oxygen and ventilators. Tedros thanked those countries for their support in the event of an accident. Thank you to everyone who stood with India during these difficult times, he said.

The total number of infections in India since the second wave is estimated at 2.5 crore. At present, the daily number of infections is around 3 lakh. But the lack of supply hinders the overall vaccination. In that sense, like Hu, universal immunization is the only option. Therefore the distribution of ticks should be increased.



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