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Le Ladakh Bike Ride 2021. From Manali,Pangong, Nubra – Full Budget I …

translate : Malayalam

On the way from Malappuram to Ladakh, we boarded the train from Tirur for the first time and booked a reservation for the two of us.

Then the train left
During the train journey we sat on the train for a while and the train was traveling at high speed. Within a few hours we reached Nizamuddin railway station and from there we
When I went to pick up the return ticket.

The ticket for the day we were leaving was full so we did not take the train ticket and then we were on our way from Delhi to Manali by KSRTC bus from Delhi to Manali.

The bus ticket from there was Rs 750 per person. Within 24 hours we reached Manali and arrived overnight which was about one to three quarters of the night.

From there we took the room rate and there was about Rs 750 for room two for twelve hours.

Then we made the journey to Ladakh and then there was about a Fide Rise and then we took the flight ticket as we did not get the return ticket within 15 days and then we returned home.



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