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“I do not know why he was killed” – the man who threw bundles of money in memory of a friend!

Makes money ten. They also say that money opens the door to hurt. But in the movie Superstar Rajinikanth Pearl, he concluded that he could not buy peace with that money. Even a small child who asks for money to buy candy knows what money is. A man from America threw away such money and created a stir.

Recently, a video of a man throwing money at New York Square and people accepting money went viral on social media. He threw away the money while saying some things in the video. “A friend of mine died a year ago,” he said. His name is Joe Kush. The best at making money. He was killed. But the reason for that is unknown. I need to remember him. ”

The investigation revealed that Joe Kush, an American musician, died suddenly. This is especially true if the thrower is the owner of a jewelry store and Joe Kush is a regular customer of his store.

At the end of the video, Joe Kush throws away the money while he is still alive

So the two were good friends. Joe Cush has a habit of throwing money in New York Square to give to people for free. His friend threw money in the square in his memory this year. He is also grammatically friendly.



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