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Mumbai: Two Brahmins abducted and killed a newborn baby in Mumbai

Two grandchildren have been charged with murder after they were abducted without receiving money to bless a newborn baby. The incident took place on Thursday night in the city of Ambedkar in south Mumbai.

According to police sources, Kanahayya Chogale’s eye went to Sachin Chittol’s house in Ambedkar Nagar after receiving the news of the newborn baby. Kannu allegedly demanded eleven hundred rupees to bless Tendulkar’s child.

Tendulkar informed Kannu that he had lost his job in the lockdown. No cash on hand. As a result, payments cannot be made as requested. Instead, Tendulkar offered Kannu a sari and a coconut. But the eye refused to take it. After that, Tendulkar got into an argument. Tendulkar kicked Kannu out of the house.

Though things ended that day, Kannu went back to Tendulkar’s house in the middle of the night with his partner Sonu. It is alleged that the parents took the child lying next to the child and threw him into a nearby pool. When he woke up in the morning, he could not see the child and made a noise. Tendulkar went to the police station and filed a kidnapping case against Kannu.

Police arrested Kannu and his accomplice Sonu on the basis of Tendulkar’s allegations. Mumbai police spokesperson DCP S Chaitanya said that during interrogation, they confessed to abducting and killing the child.



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