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Mukul Roy: BJP wants Trinamool to follow the path to oust Mukul Roy

The BJP is following in the footsteps of the Trinamool Congress in dismissing the disabled MLA Mukul Roy. Mukul was the BJP’s candidate in the Krishnanagar North constituency in the Assembly elections. He defeated his nearest rival Trinamool candidate and actress Kaus Shani Mukherjee by more than 35,000 votes to become the first MLA to be elected. Soon after, the Trinamool leadership began alleging that Narud had concealed the case in his affidavit as a candidate for the Election Commission. They have started legal conspiracies to oust Mukul as an MLA.

But the situation has changed. On June 11, Mukul returned downstairs with his son Suvarangshu. As expected, the ruling party stopped all conspiracy theories and allegations about Mukul’s removal from the MLA post. The BJP had demanded that Mukul be expelled as an MLA in the changed circumstances. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has already sent a letter to West Bengal Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee urging him to implement the anti-defense law. However, the Zerua camp is reluctant to remain silent only through a letter to the speaker. This time the BJP is going to raise its voice in the allegation that the information in the affidavit brought against Mukul is ‘hidden’! BJP parliamentary party sources said that all avenues were being examined for Mukul’s ouster. One way is to ignore the Narad case in the affidavit as an election candidate.

After the Assembly elections, Trinamool state secretary Kunal Ghosh complained, “Anyone who wants to be a candidate must give an affidavit to the Election Commission.” It should be mentioned there that there is no case against him. In that affidavit, Mukul Roy completely covered up the Narad case. Who informed Mukul Roy that Narad was acquitted? Kunal added, “Subrata Mukherjee, Firhad Hakeem and Madan Mitra have mentioned the Narad case in their affidavits. If so, did Mukul Roy get a message from the BJP that you have joined the BJP? You get relief from the Narad case! If not, how did Mukul Roy find out that he was out of the Narad case before the CBI chargesheet? CBI says Mukul Roy was not seen taking money. So there is no evidence against him. Firhad Hakeem was also not seen taking money to take in hand. He says the day with the club boys. That is why Mukul Roy is falling into the lap of the BJP. Is Firhad Hakeem in Presidency Jail? ”

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Coincidentally, the BJP is now going to use Kunal’s statement as a tool to demand the dismissal of Mukul’s MLA position. Though not directly commenting on the matter, BJP parliamentary party chief whip Manoj Tigga on Monday said, “Everything will be informed in due course.” He said Mukul would be dismissed as an MLA under the anti-defense law.



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