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Mukul-putra can also take on greater responsibilities at the grassroots level

After joining the grassroots with Baba Mukul Roy, can Suvarangshu Roy be the Joraful candidate in the by-election for his father’s assembly seat? The former Trinamool MLA from Bijpur lost the last assembly election on a BJP ticket. His father Mukul Krishnanagar won the North seat. As for the news, Mukul may leave the MLA position after joining the grassroots. In that case, the seat north of Krishnanagar will be vacant. By-elections will be held in six months. If so, his son Suvarangshu may be the candidate for Krishnanagar North, leaving Mukul with a few more seats in the state. With such a possibility, no one is ready to open their mouths for Trinamool now. But that possibility is not ruled out in private discussions.

Coincidentally, Mukul’s followers also believe that a faction of the BJP was behind the defeat in Shwarangsur Bijpur. Although she did not name anyone directly, she called BJP MP Arjun Singh from Barakpur anti-Mukul. They claim that Shivarangshu would not have lost in Bijpur without Arjuna’s hand. But forgetting all those debates, Mukul’s followers are now thinking about what will be the next achievement of Suvarangshur after joining the grassroots.

Not only can he bring Suwarangshu back to the Assembly, but he can also be given key responsibilities in the party organization. Recently, there have been a number of reorganizations under the responsibility of grassroots parties and branch organizations. MP Abhishek Banerjee resigns as state youth president and becomes general secretary of All India Mukul was once in that position. Actress Saini Ghosh has replaced Abhishek in charge of the film. According to grassroots sources, Suwarangshu may also have a big role to play in the youth movement. According to Trinamool sources, Suvarangshu may be appointed as the acting president of Trinamool in the coming days. However, one of the party leaders said on Friday, “These are all possibilities. Team leader Mamata Banerjee will fix everything. It is his responsibility to make the organization responsible or the candidate in the Assembly by-elections. He will make the final decision.



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