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MLA says word ‘Hindustan’ will not be used in oath; BJP says go to Pakistan

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Patna: In the controversy over the swearing in of AIMIM MLA in Bihar Assembly. The MLA had demanded that the word ‘Hindustan’ be omitted from the draft of the affidavit in Urdu. The MLA also demanded that the word ‘Bharat’ used in the constitution be included instead. The issue was raised by Akhtarul Imran MLA, state president of Azaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM.

When he took the oath of office, he clarified that the word ‘Bharat’ was in the Constitution and that it would be used only. Speaker Jitan Ram Manjhi gave permission for this.

However, the NDA came out against it. BJP MLA Neeraj Singh Bablu said those who are reluctant to say the word ‘Hindustan’ should go to Pakistan.

With this, Akhtarul Imran MLA came on the scene and made it clear that he was not against the word ‘Hindustan’. A position was announced. He recited the poem ‘Sare Jahan Se Achcha Hindositan Hamara’ and lauded Congress MLA Shakeel Ahmed Khan for taking the oath in Sanskrit.



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